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Το παρόν προϊόν είναι 100% γνήσιο, δε φέρει κουτί ή παρελκόμενα και διανέμενεται με την μορφή ηλεκτρονικής άδειας (Activation Key).

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Top reasons to try PaintShop Pro Ultimate

PaintShop Pro Ultimate is packed with so many powerful photo editing features that it's hard to list them all! Enjoy a full-featured photo and design toolset to help you create just about anything with ease.

  • Create superior photos and original design projects with PaintShop Pro’s expansive collection of professional photo editing tools, in addition to five invaluable creative applications.
  • Make photo animations - Effortlessly transform any image into a mesmerizing animation in a matter of minutes with PhotoMirage Express.
  • Paint, draw or sketch - Become a digital artist with Painter Essentials 6, an easy-to-learn painting program.
  • Correct photos instantly - Restore details, color, and more lost by your camera with the proven, patented image corrections in Perfectly Clear 3.5 SE.
  • Edit RAW - images Quickly learn professional-grade RAW photo editing and take control of very large photo collections with AfterShot 3.

Photo editing software & bonus collection

The ultimate Photoshop alternative, inspired by you

Why rent when you can own? PaintShop Pro 2019 Ultimate is the affordable, user-friendly alternative to Photoshop. Tap into an exclusive bonus pack of premium animation, painting and photo editing software, including PhotoMirage Express, Painter Essentials 6, Perfectly Clear 3.5, and Corel AfterShot 3, plus a separate collection of brushes, textures, and backgrounds.

  • NEW - PhotoMirage Express
  • NEW - Painter Essentials 6
  • NEW - Perfectly Clear 3.5 SE
  • Corel AfterShot 3

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